Angus, Cardi, Kanye and Bobbi

Angus, Cardi, Kanye and Bobbi

In this solo episode, Shanni discusses a variety of topics and trends. She starts by addressing the recent sad news about the passing of Angus Cloud and Paul Reubens. She also mentioned a humorous incident involving falafel from Trader Joe's, a video of Cardi B throwing her microphone into the crowd and Drake’s thought of having things thrown onto the stage. She also praises comedian Bobbi (possibly referring to Bobbi Althoff) for her unique interview style and humor. She also shares her thoughts on Kanye West's recent marketing tactics and Abercrombie’s fantastic size inclusivity.


  • Celebrity passings of Angus Cloud and Paul Reubens
  • Trader Joe's falafel incident
  • Cardi B's mic toss
  • Appreciation for Bobbi’s interview style
  • Kanye West: the comeback
  • The importance of clothing that fits
  • "Deck of Discussion" cards

Time Stamps

00:33 Angus Cloud and Paul Reubens
02:06 Trader Joe's falafel has rocks in it
03:10 Cardi B throwing microphone at a concert
04:02 Bobbi's interview and style
06:41 Kanye's comeback
08:13 How to pronounce "niche"
09:23 Buying clothes that fit
17:04 "Deck of Discussion"


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