Taylor Swift, Abortion, Carly Russell, Ariana Grande's Husband and so much more

Taylor Swift, Abortion, Carly Russell, Ariana Grande's Husband and so much more

In this episode of The Shanni Show, Shanni introduces a new segment called "WTF: The Wheel of Trending Fire." She spins a wheel with trending topics and discusses each one in a rapid-fire style. Topics covered include Syphilis, Ariana Grande's husband, Fran Drescher, Krispy Kreme, Taylor Swift in Denver, and the recent disappearance and return of Carly Russell.

Shanni then shares her thoughts on the cost of having kids, abortion, the dating scene, the importance of asking someone out directly and the upcoming Barbie and Oppenheimer double feature. She ends off by answering a few questions from this week's suggestion box. If you would like to submit questions for future suggestion boxes sign up for The Shanni Show Substack!

WTF: Wheel of Trending Fire

  • Ariana Grande's husband
  • Fran Drescher and the entertainment strike
  • Krispy Kreme collaborating with M&M's to create new donut flavors
  • Taylor Swift's Denver show
  • Carly Russell's crazy disappearance and return story
  • Arsenal playing in LA
  • Syphilis and the Lifetime move 'She's Too Young'
  • National Ice Cream Day
  • Jane Birkin


0:00:00 New segment "WTF: Wheel of Trending Fire"
0:02:03 Syphilis and the movie "She's Too Young"
0:04:06 Ariana Grande's husband
0:05:28 Hollywood strike
0:08:53 Krispy Kreme
0:10:34 Taylor Swift and her influence on fans
0:13:55 The disappearance and return of Carly Russell
0:15:50 National Ice Cream Day and the the Ninja Creamie
0:26:28 Suggestion Box
0:34:05 The Genius Marketing of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer"

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