Behind the Scenes of ESPN, the Ringer and Spotify with Seasoned Producer Troy Farkas

Behind the Scenes of ESPN, the Ringer and Spotify with Seasoned Producer Troy Farkas


Troy Farkas is a podcast producer currently working for The Ringer. Previously, he worked as a podcast and radio producer at ESPN. Troy is known for his Substack newsletter and video podcast "The Found Generation," both of which focus on topics that are important to people in their twenties.

In this episode, Shanni sits down with Troy as he discusses his journey from working at ESPN to discovering the world of podcasting, his personal growth, and how podcasting has impacted his mental health. Troy dives into some untold stories from his time at ESPN Radio, The Ringer, Spotify and his more elusive under the radar roles. He opens up about a former passion project of his, a charity he built to honor his beloved friend, and how it has brought him even closer to his community.

They also cover Troy's unforgettable experiences with elite podcasts like the Ringer MMA Show, Cheap Heat, You’re Welcome With Chael Sonnen and so many more.

Join them as they delve into this conversation filled with valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their passion and make a difference in their community. Don't miss out on this engaging discussion!


  • Troy’s journey from ESPN radio to Spotify and the Ringer
  • How losing a friend young can change you
  • Reflections on personal growth
  • The influence of podcasts in mental health
  • Working with top tier talent like Ariel Helwani, Petesy Carroll and Chuck Mindenhall

Time Stamps

02:00 The story behind TST (Tight Ship Troy)
12:10 From ESPN Radio to Podcasting
19:59 ESPN Radio vs. Spotify Live
33:32 Joe Rogan on His Mistakes
48:07 Benefits of Online Communities
58:19 Deanna's Tragic Accident
23:35 Podcasts and mental health
27:31 Troy’s Choir Days

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