How Matt Steffanina Mastered YouTube's Algorithm, Danced with Celebrities, and Won The Amazing Race!

How Matt Steffanina Mastered YouTube's Algorithm, Danced with Celebrities, and Won The Amazing Race!

Matt Steffanina is a choreographer and dancer known for his popular YouTube channel where he posts dance choreography tutorials and performances. He has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube and has become a prominent figure in the dance and entertainment industry.

Join Shanni and Matt on their exciting podcast where they explore a diverse range of topics. In this episode, they dive into Matt's journey of winning The Amazing Race, along with Elon Musk's views on crypto and Matt’s snowboarding experiences with Shaun White. This episode highlights Matt's collaborations with renowned personalities such as Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and Kevin Hart. They explore the challenges that content creators face, including understanding YouTube's algorithm for short-form content and balancing trends and content on social media platforms.

Tune in to the podcast and expand your knowledge on a variety of interesting topics as Matt shares his valuable insights on how he navigates the challenges as a choreographer and dancer, making it a must-listen for anyone and everyone!

Follow Matt on all social media platforms @mattsteffanina and we highly recommend checking out his incredible online dance academy DNCR.


  • How to craft compelling short form videos
  • Advice for future contestants of The Amazing Race
  • The truth behind content houses
  • Tips for landing collaborations with your favorite creators 
  • Balancing social media trends and authentic content
  • The impact of TikTok on dance choreography 

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