Lara Ghraoui: "It's Okay To Be Gay"

Lara Ghraoui: "It's Okay To Be Gay"

Lara Ghraoui is an international top model that has worked with some of the world's leading fashion brands such as Triangl Swimwear, Victoria’s Secret and Fenty Beauty to name a few. Having recently come out online as a member of the LGBTQ community, she now uses her online presence as a vehicle to encourage girls to accept and embrace their sexuality.

Shanni sits down with Lara for a fantastic conversation about her life in Lebanon, living through a war, her coming out story, modeling and more.

00:00 - Intro
03:27 - Moving to Lebanon and living through a war
14:35 - Why Lara wanting to model from a young age
20:38 - Signing her first modeling contract
27:53 - Signs she was lesbian before knowing
33:26 - First time Lara thought she may be bisexual
41:55 - First kiss with a woman
46:29 - "Omg I am so gay"
47:31 - First breakup and heartbreak
01:07 - Ready to be publicly out and proud
01:09 - TikTok and @LesbianWithaSign
01:21 - Coming out story!
01:32 - Advice on coming out to conservative parents
01:44 - Lara's mom comes around and accepts her sexuality
01:47 - Relationship with her dad
01:55 - Victoria's Secret Show auditions
02:04 - Modeling and the different types of models
02:17 - Being naturally skinny
02:37 - Pretty privilege
02:47 - Losing male followers

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