Curt 'Flosstradamus' Cameruci Has The Best Hobbies

Curt 'Flosstradamus' Cameruci Has The Best Hobbies

Curt 'Flosstradamus' Cameruci is a DJ and musician known for being one of the original creators of the trap genre, made popular by their remix of Major Lazer's hit single "Original Don." Shanni sits down with Curt for a fantastic conversation about his hobbies, creative process, the festival scene, NFTs and so much more.

00:00 - Intro
03:04 - Flosstradamus vs Curt
08:36 - Josh leaving Flosstradamus | the split story
11:16 - Learning how to code
18:15 - Curt's favorite podcasts
20:15 - Bee keeping and gardening
29:39 - Foraging for wild mushrooms
35:36 - Nardwuar interview
41:35 - Performing with Vanilla Ice
49:47 - Touring with Chromeo
53:09 - The evolution of festivals
1:01:20 - Curt's creative process
1:07:53 - Psychedelic Trance and nature parties
1:16:09 - Medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms
1:20:45 - Problems with NFT culture
1:37:04 - Curt's dad using Facebook like Google

Follow Flosstradamus on social media @flosstradamus and make sure to check out his new NFT project @Lbr8td.

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